Rivets Health Comeback from COPD and More

Rivets Health Comeback from COPD … and More

Periodically, one encounters a health story so heart-warming and so dramatic and life-changing that it MUST be shared to offer hope and encouragement to others. Rivets story is just such a worthy testimony that she wanted her journey to be told.

Rivets sent me an email yesterday with the following description of her health journey. She shares her health challenges, the wellness path she chose to take, and her personal results over the last 5 years. Please join me in thanking Rivets for making her story public.

“Hi Anthea!!
Just came back from my Doctor’s office with the results of my yearly checkup numbers!! UNBELIEVABLE to her & my heart DR.!!

5 years ago I was diagnosed with COPD & CHF along with moderate osteoarthritis especially in my knees recommending arthroscopic knee surgery for both, high blood pressure 150s+/85-100 range & high cholesterol 344 & of course overweight, & pre diabetic numbers.–UGH!!  All at the young age of 62 years old.  I had plans to retire & have fun by 67 years old but with all the above both doctors would not recommend any kind of exercising etc. & recommended I apply for early retirement with all those medical issues considering the job I had at the time.

I waited to retire @ 65 2+ years ago because I began my quest for better health at the time of the above bad news.  After losing the first 15 pounds my knees felt better so I continued working.  In these past 5 years I have lost 70 pounds not by dieting or doing any exercising but by changing my eating habits to healthier choices: more fresh veggies & fruits, a lot less red meat, usually chicken, fish, or turkey. Sorry not a vegetarian!  Added more nuts & seeds & start every day with a Shaklee Life shake &/or Energizing Soy Protein drink & the Life Strip or Vitalizer Gold Strip.

Also, I do want to continue to lose more weight & I will be happy to just lose another 20 pounds. I expect to do so this year since I feel MUCH BETTER & WANT to be more active!! I will not be at my recommended BMI with that 20 lb. loss but I will be where I am comfortable to stay for the rest of my life.  I just want to do what I enjoy in retirement:  riding my Harley, enjoy the outdoors like fishing & hiking in His beautiful creation!

Today’s results:

Heart is NO LONGER ENLARGED & LUNGS ARE CLEAR!!  Cholesterol levels are below normal totaling 195, triglycerides 164, Osteoarthritis considered mild now & no surgery needed, & Not diabetic, normal sugars with A1C @ 4.5!! Blood pressure range has been 120-130s/ 60-70s as well!! 

So, it is NEVER TOO LATE to change your habits & improve your health!!  Turning 68 this year & told for the first time to start exercising & I can do whatever I want to do!! As for the doctors’ recommendations: start exercising like walking or anything else I want to do!!  Not that I pay attention to what doctors recommend for me!

To the above Shaklee supplements, I take recommended doses of Immunity Formula I, Nutriferon, & Advanced Joint health Complex, 10-20 Alfalfa, & 2-4 Vita-C daily!!

Oh yes & I’m still HIV negative!

Yes, you can share this testimony any way you wish to do so!!
Love Ya & Chuckles!!

The information provided in this publication is intended for your general knowledge only and is not a substitute for professional medical advice or treatment for specific medical conditions. These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.The products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. The stories contained herein are not intended to diagnose, prescribe, or treat any disease, illness or injury, or in any way substitute for medical advice. The authors of the enclosed information will not be held responsible for any misconceptions or misuse of the information presented herein. If you have a health problem, see your physician.

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10 Real Reasons to Choose Shaklee Supplements

10 Real Reasons to Choose Shaklee Supplements

What is your attitude towards nutrition and good health, and in particular, what are your thoughts on supplementation?

whats health worth

What you think DOES matter! You see everything first BEGINS with a thought. You are guided by your thinking!

Are you of the mindset that you don’t need to exercise and eat healthy to BE healthy? Do you think the activity you choose and the quality of foods you consume determine your health? 

Is your attitude about food supplements dismissive? Are you thinking “What difference does it make what brand I use?” 

At GSH, we wholeheartedly believe optimal health depends on the quality of food you eat on a daily basis. And YES, the quality of supplements you choose makes a difference too. 

The brand DOES matter. All supplements are NOT created equal. Imagine this … many brands don’t care about scientific studies. They don’t PROVE their products are safe and effective! They leave it to chance! They expect YOU to do the research. Hmm!

OUR brand partner cares a whole lot!

With hundreds of competing brands there is mass confusion when it comes to selecting a supplement!  False advertising abounds! Promises are overstated while results go undelivered.  Inferior raw materials may be used. What’s on the label may not be in the actual bottle. There are hundreds of supplements out there … how do you pick a quality brand that truly delivers the results you deserve?

Here are 10 Real Reasons to Choose Shaklee

1. Shaklee’s Health Sciences researchers establish that there is a real need for a particular combination of nutrients. They do NOT simply react to faddy trends in the nutrition world.

2. Shaklee’s Product Development staff develop a stable, balanced formula reflecting the requirements identified by the health scientists. (They do NOT just make formulas with more of ingredient “X” than the competition.)

3. Raw ingredients are selected for each product using these criteria:

• They are from natural sources wherever possible (natural materials often contain other related beneficial compounds along with a particular nutrient).

• They must meet rigorous Shaklee quality standards for purity, potency and identity before being used in a batch of the product

4. No artificial sweeteners, flavors or colors are added.

5. No preservatives are added.

6. Packaging materials are carefully selected and tested to give proper protection of the product throughout its shelf life. The shelf life is determined using scientific stability studies.

7. Products are made to pharmaceutical standards using Good Manufacturing Practices and employ controlled temperatures, pressures, humidity, etc., so that no loss of the product’s nutrients or damage to naturally occurring enzymes will take place during manufacturing and packaging.

8. Every batch of product is subjected to Quality Control tests to ensure full compliance with Shaklee’s finished product specifications.

9. Many products, in the research and development stage, are subjected to clinical studies with human volunteers to demonstrate that the dosage forms are effective in delivering the nutrients to the body. Many of these studies have been published in peer-reviewed scientific journals.

10. Full technical information about Shaklee products is made available to customers on request, e.g., ingredient listings, nutritional profiles, etc.

For more information on reasons to supplement and why we recommend Shaklee, we invite you to read the following articles:

Reasons to supplement

Why we recommend Shaklee

The Three Types of Vitamins


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Get in Shape: Stop Eating Super-sized Meals! What?

Get in Shape: Stop Eating Super-sized Meals! What?

The Challenge: Your ever-expanding waist and higher number on the scale! Ugh! You skip meals in an attempt to cut back but you’re starving by the time you get home so you gorge and feel guilty! Maybe you eat a small dinner and feel deprived, and then it’s the nightly trek to the kitchen for salty and/or sweet snacks. You’re overweight, you jiggle in the wrong places and the excess pounds you’re lugging around weigh down your spirits, stealing your energy and self-esteem.

You don’t like yourself and you don’t know what to do.


  • Exercise portion control to shrink a couple of sizes! No second helpings.
  • It’s easier if you eat at regular intervals rather than starving and gorging.
  • Make sensible swaps like moving from steak and potatoes to eating protein and greens {lean meat and veggies}.
  • Swap out fast food and processed foods for whole foods, which are lower in fat, sugar and salt.
  • Drink lots of water with lemon throughout the day.
  • Get active! Move! Exercise 3-5 times per week.

GSH Solution:

 Replace at least one or two meals per day with a delicious, nutritious protein
leucine-powered Life Shake or Energizing Soy Choose from soy, whey or
plant-based protein sources – all are NON-GMO.

High protein, low-calorie Shaklee Snacks fill the craving and satisfy hunger!
Be determined, be patient, be consistent.
Permanent, healthy weight loss takes time.
You deserve the healthy, trim body you want! 

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Which Protein is Right for You?

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Which Protein is Right for You? Protein is one of the essential building blocks of health. It boosts energy and wards off hunger, so you feel better every day. With all the options for protein that Shaklee has to offer … Continue reading

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Simple Classic Detox

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It’s So Much More ….

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The Most Important Streams

The Most Important Streams! We absolutely LOVE this amazing man who was light years ahead of his time. Dr. Forrest C Shaklee …. and the relationship between man and nature Proud to be associated with Shaklee Corporation

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It’s FAT Friday …. But Makeover Monday’s Coming!

It’s FAT Friday …. But Makeover Monday’s Coming!

It’s the day after Thanksgiving, known to many as Black Friday! Maybe you’re fighting the crowds for steals and deals … or you’re tearing it up at Amazon.com to get amazing savings on Christmas shopping!  So if that’s YOU good luck. Have fun!

But today is also FAT FRIDAY!!!fat-cat-pie

Your Thanksgiving dinner was drop dead delicious and the stuffing wasn’t just inside the turkey … know what I mean? You enjoyed every last forkful until you were stuffed to the gills … then you confessed “I can’t eat another bite!” Really?

Lol!  That was only until you heard someone say – “Oooooo – PIE!!!” Horrified you look around … then you realize the exclamation of ecstasy came from your own mouth – right before you shoveled in the pie sampler!

Pie sampler? What’s that? Well I’m sure you know! You accept a slice of all three pies because you’re too full to even think about making a decision and settling on one!  “Ice cream or whipped cream?” but before the hostess can complete the sentence you agree with a resounding “yes!” … so you get both!  Holy-Moly, you think, what have I done?

So now it’s FAT Friday and yes, you feel fat and bloated, but don’t
beat yourself up … Makeover Monday is coming and help is on the way.

Join our Challenge! It starts Monday 28th November 2016!
We call it Makeover Monday!


You know how so many of us gain weight over the holidays {7-10 lbs} and feel yucky and low-energy? What if you didn’t have to feel that way. If we provide you the tools, encouragement and support to AVOID all those things, will you join us?

This challenge is for those wanting to “reset!” after Thanksgiving and fly through the holidays with plenty of healthy mental and physical energy! Reset your health, or detox your body, lose a few pounds or simply maintain-not-gain.

There are three different ways to participate and Jumpstart your Holiday Energy. You’ll get a fast surge of energy … AND a super-great head-start on your New Year health resolutions. 

Option #1: The healthy cleanse option! Detoxification made simplestart-with-detox

Option #2: This package: quick 5-day reset , or a 30-day healthify!


Option #3: This option includes simple detox and basic builder pack.
Contact us to place this order 🙂


Here’s how you start:

  • Contact us. If you already have our contact info, call, text or email us
  • Schedule your free personal consult with Anthea*
  • Pick your JumpStart Pack – we’ll help you order
  • Join our FB private support group {details when we talk}
  • Automatic entry in JumpStart drawing – great prizes

Are You Ready to Jumpstart?
Let’s Go!


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Pumpkin Apricot Protein Bars

Pumpkin Apricot Protein Bars


Another healthy Fall treat to get you in the mood for the holidays! Best news besides it being SO healthy?  It’s EASY … no fuss, no mess and no bake. Just what busy Moms are looking for during this season where every second counts! 

A couple of quick steps, refrigerate for 30-40 minutes or so and as fast as you can shout “pumpkin” {well almost!} your healthy bars are ready to cut up and eat! Now that’s good reason to FALL in love with this recipe!

Pumpkin Apricot Protein Bars

1/4 cup Shaklee Energizing Soy Van 
1/4 cup Shaklee Life Shake … Vanilla {or Pumpkin Spice – seasonal flavor}
1 cup oats – uncooked
1 teas cinnamon
1/4 cup flaxseed
1/4 cup honey
1 cup peanut butter
1/2 cup pumpkin
2 1/2 tsp  vanilla
2/3 cup chopped apricots and/or cranberries

Combine oats,Energizing Soy, Life Shake, flaxseed powder and chopped fruit in large bowl. Set aside.  Heat honey on stove top until almost boiling.  Remove from heat and stir in peanut butter, until smooth. Add pumpkin, and vanilla. Immediately add honey mixture to dry ingredients until well mixed. {If too dry add a little water or milk to soften} Refrigerate for 20-25 minutes. Press into 8 X 8 square pan. Refrigerate 20 minutes or until firm. Cut into squares or bars and serve.  Store bars in airtight container in refrigerator. Makes 12 delicious and nutritious energy bars … more if you cut into smaller pieces.

Use Instant Protein in place of Life Shake or Energizing Soy for a less sweet bar
Use almond butter instead of peanut butter
Use cranberries in place of apricots
Add chopped nuts if desired


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Power Pack Trios – Special Offers

Awesome Power Pack Trios
Limited Time Special Offers Nov 2 thru Nov 30th

The season of giving is upon us!  This month we celebrate Thanksgiving and then Christmas follows in December – a real gift-giving bonanza!

We’re making it really easy for you to celebrate with these two fantastic special offers … each Power Pack bundled under it’s own special item code with GREAT savings along with the priceless gift of good health! 

We suggest you LOAD UP on these packs and use them as gifts of good health for everyone on your list … one for kids and one for adults!!!

ShakleeKids Power Pack
Special savings. $10 off through November 30
Order here with item code #89423

Create a healthy foundation for your kids to learn, play and grow.  The Shakleekids Power Pack contains a trio of products to help keep your little superhero strong.

Also includes the Shakleekids Superhero’s Guide, a special color fold-out that has great nutrition information for you and fun things for the kids to do. 

Incredivites: Comprehensive multivitamin for optimal kids’ health*

  • Loaded with 23 essential vitamins and minerals for healthy development
  • 100% of the Daily Value of all eight B vitamins
  • Provides calcium and vitamin D, crucial bone-building nutrients
  • All natural (and yummy) flavors of tropical punch, grape and berry
  • Contains lactoferrin, which supports a healthy immune system in kids*
  • Gluten-free and contains no added artificial flavors, sweeteners or preservatives
  • Naturally sweetened with xylitol, which does not promote tooth decay

Mighty Smart Choice: Natural, ultra-pure DHA

  • 100% natural, ultra-pure DHA to help support brain and vision development*
  • No yucky fishy taste
  • 75% organic
  • Contains over 200% more DHA than the leading brand**
  • Gluten free and contains no added artificial flavors, sweeteners or preservatives

Chewable Vita-C:  Additional kid-friendly immune support*

  • Powerful antioxidant that helps support the immune system
  • Great citrus flavor

Immunity Power Pack
Special savings. $12 off through November 30

Order here with item code # 89425
immunity-power-packImmunity Power Pack – Buy NutriFeron and Vitalized Immunity, get Defend & Resist for $5, through November 30. (over $12 savings for Members)  
Savings reflected at checkout.

Fuel Your Immune System with this Powerful Trio

NutriFeron:  Ideal for daily use
Scientists and medical communities have identified interferon as being crucial to healthy immune function. NutriFeron is an exclusive, patented formula, which provides a proprietary blend of four plant extracts designed to naturally increase levels of interferon and provide immune support at the cellular level.

  • Powerful breakthrough in immune system science
  • Exclusive, patented blend of four plant extracts designed to provide immune support at the cellular level*
  • Helps keep your body primed and ready to defend.*

Vitalized Immunity: For a blast of immune support whenever you need it*
Nutritional support your immune system needs to stay strong including 19 vitamins and minerals, and a proprietary herbal blend.  Vitalized Immunity is naturally sweetened with monk fruit and contains as much vitamin C as 16 oranges.  Provides added immune support when facing everyday stress or travel.

  • Nutritional support to help your immune system stay strong
  • Unique blend of vitamins, minerals and a proprietary herbal formula
  • Naturally sweetened with monk fruit and contains as much vitamin C as 16 oranges
  • Delicious effervescent formula

Defend & Resist Complex: When you feel that first tickle*
Key ingredients have been shown in laboratory studies to help to stimulate the body’s natural resistance with Echinacea purpurea, help to maintain a healthy immune response with black elderberry and enhances immune support with larch tree. 
Key ingredients:

  • Help your body respond to challenges with unique combination of herbs and zinc*
  • Help your body maintain a healthy immune response*


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