Best-Ever Vitamin Water

Vitamin Water
Mold Allergies!  I’m SO Done with You!

I didn’t know this when I moved to Austin, but I’ve learned first-hand that this otherwise beautiful area and perfect location is home to a bazillion {well that may be an exaggeration!} allergens – pretty much ALL year! UGH! Just what one needs right?  So for us it seems that the season starts with Cedar Fever in late October or November and just about the time the cedars spew out their last dying puffs of pollen late February or early March, in come the elms, the oaks and the miserable molds!!

So here we are, into the fourth week of March, and there’s no end to the number of people sneezing, wheezing coughing and hacking – and hoarse! Ugh – again! Worst of all if you don’t get allergies under control they precipitate secondary infections in the sinuses, chest and ear, nose and throat! 

I’m not one for nasal sprays, steroids and the likes so we usually try to control with Nutriferon {our immune booster} Alfalfa Tabs, extra Vitamin C and Immunity Formula I!  When that doesn’t knock them into the back of beyond, we bring out the BIG GUNS! Time to go to WAR!

Hello POWER Vitamin Water – you are my best ally and I’m chugging you down.
Go get ’em tiger! Why didn’t I bring you on board sooner?

Best Ever Vitamin Water
Using Best Ever Shaklee Nutrients

10 ozs filtered water
2 tablespoons Orange Performance {electrolytes and hydration}
Half Pack Pomegranate Energy Tea {green, red, white tea energy}
10 Chewable Vitamin C {1000 mgs powerful antioxidant}
2 Nutriferon (boosts interferon for immunity}

4 Defend and Resist Tabs {stimulates body’s natural resistance}
2 Garlic Complex {garlic is a great natural antibiotic and antifungal}
2 Vitamin D3 {Promotes immune health}

Place all ingredients in VitaMix or powerful blender, along with a few ice cubes and beat on high until liquidized and frothy.

Down the hatch – I’m taking it twice daily for a week or until allergy symptoms disappear! Begone mold and other allergen symptoms.  Vitamin Water – work your magic!!!


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  1. Chandra says:

    Love shaklee vitamin water! Works like a charm and tastes great even my kids drinks it.

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