Be Intentional About the Future. A Letter to our Team.

Good morning Tripp Team!

The topic of last night’s team call centered on being intentional about the future. Think of it as looking forward through the windshield of your car as you drive through life. While it’s smart to glance in the rear view mirror to check what’s behind you, it’s not productive to place all your focus there.

Let’s thank our past for all the lessons that prepare us for our future.
But understand that our future depends on what we do in our present.

So going forward, be aware of what you want your future to look like … and then focus your efforts TODAY on moving toward that vision … then believe with all your heart and soul that it will be as you envision it. Put feet to your faith. We know that life pitches us curves and hard balls {we’ve had plenty!} and sometimes we must change course or reassess, but we MUST start with a dream and a plan and move forward from there, always prepared {and willing} to go with the flow when life demands it.

Be Intentional …and Thankful!

Looking back, I’m so thankful I drank that Shaklee Instant Protein everyday even though it was challenging and did NOT taste yummy like today’s versions. I did it anyway.  And it built healthy cells. The foundation for my good health today!

I’m grateful I forced myself to swallow a handful of supplements twice daily even when sometimes I felt like I might “gag”! But, I did it anyway. Those supplements helped me have instant energy and served me well to fill in the gaps so my body received the critical nutrients necessary to build the healthy body I have today.

What you do nutritionally TODAY  builds your health for the future. Be intentional about your health and the health of your family. 

{BTW changing brands to Shaklee is all part of building total health, preserving the environment entrusted to us for the future, and a way to save money, make money and enjoy the life we aspire to, all the while making a difference in the lives of others!}

I am SO very thankful that all those years ago, we had the foresight to DECIDE to take a calculated risk! To COMMIT to BUILD a SHAKLEE BUSINESS.

So happy we refused to give up our dream when challenges and setbacks showed up. And they did! But no matter what, we kept on keeping on – INTENTIONALLY! We reached out and shared our dream for the future, we told our story and offered the the same to others, encouraging them to select benefits they saw as a fit for them, and we committed to partner with them to help them get whatever they wanted in life.

When we faced disappointments, we pulled ourselves up and shook ourselves out of the funk!  When we were tired, weary and felt beaten down by life, we found our strength in God’s plan for us. When we didn’t feel like going to lead an event, or do a meeting, we forced ourselves to keep going. We did it anyway!

If we are to become our best selves, to attain our dreams, we MUST be intentional about what we choose to do TODAY, for the sake of our FUTURE and the generations to follow!

Think about what you want your future to be like and go after it! Be intentional even when you don’t particularly feel like it. There are people yearning to hear about the very benefits we have to offer them through Shaklee, people are praying for solutions that we can give them, so share what we have. No one said it’s easy! DO IT ANYWAY!

It’s worth it. You’re worth it! They’re worth it!

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