Anthea’s Health Story

Good Health is Priceless! Guard it with your Life!


Today, I enjoy an abundance of energy and am full of vitality. I feel more mentally energized and physically fit than I did years ago.

It wasn’t always so. There was a time when my health was in a downward spiral. In 1981, I was plagued with numerous health challenges, from allergies to sinusitis to urinary problems to chronic fatigue. My immune system was compromised and I was diagnosed with two auto-immune skin diseases with no known cure.

My cupboards were full of vitamins and nutritional supplements which included different remedies and a variety of multiple brands. But nothing seemed to help – no matter what I tried, I didn’t feel any better.

After several years of seeking medical advice to no avail, I resigned myself to my condition and basically accepted that chronic ailments and ill-health was something with which I would have to contend. On the other hand, I never gave up hope. I remained determined to take charge of my health and I was always open to alternative health ideas, especially those I deemed “natural” and in harmony with nature.


A Life-Changing Recommendation Altered the Course of My health

When I was at my lowest point in health and feeling really depressed, a loving friend introduced me to Health Products from Shaklee – the #1 Natural Nutrition Company – products that I have used and recommended for many years now.

I took what I thought was a “long shot” (I didn’t really think the products would work!) and purchased some key nutritional supplements that were guaranteed to help me feel better in 30 days or my money back.

Today we have multiple amazing starter packages in addition to the one I purchased. Something to fit every need and budget!

I noticed a measurable difference.

Imagine my delight and surprise when, within 30 days, I felt a sense of energy and vitality that I hadn’t experienced in a very long time. I was even able to add an additional 3 hours to my day. That in itself was huge for me! How did that happen?  I could stay awake until 11:00 p.m. instead of falling asleep in front of TV at 8:00 p.m.

Much to my amazement – and relief – after 5 months ALL those aches, pains and ailments disappeared – and have never returned.

I am so grateful to my friends for introducing me to Shaklee products and providing me with the same opportunity to create healthier lives in others. I will NEVER stop using Shaklee because of the results I received.  I am a raving fan!

A Word of Advice to My Readers

Good health is the single most important asset each of us has. It is a real blessing and is priceless. I learned that we don’t have to accept ill health as inevitable. We all have a choice. We can take personal control of our health by embracing a simple lifestyle change. We can commit to eating wholesome food, stay physically fit with moderate exercise AND to ensure we get ALL the nutrients we need, we can add natural food supplements, proven to produce results.

If you’re struggling with health challenges, I want to help point you in the direction of vibrant good health. I know what it takes. I believe it’s possible, doable and affordable. How do I know? I’ve done it! AND I’ve helped thousands of others too!

A Word of Caution Because I Care

Buyer beware. Not all supplements are created equal.  There really is a difference in brand….and results.  When you stand for something you will not fall for anything. Read that again! This is an important concept to adhere to in today’s economy where new start-up companies in the health and fitness industry emerge daily, complete with flashy words and catchy promises designed to turn your head, to entice you to buy their products and get involved in their business opportunity. Watch out for products with no proof of efficacy and claims that cannot be substantiated.

Run from anything that promises a get-rich-quick scheme.

Be grounded in your beliefs. Place your trust in a company with integrity, credibility and a proven track record of success and longevity – a company with an impeccable history of making the world a better place.

I endorse Shaklee Products exclusively because I’ve seen first hand the quality, safety and integrity that’s built into each product.

If you’d like a personal, confidential and complimentary consultation simply contact me, I’m readily available, and eager to assist.