What We Really Do

What We Really Do!

It’s really fascinating {and even humorous} how many varying opinions people have regarding what we really do here at GetSuperHealthy! My Dad, for example, has mused that we have a “lucrative” hobby! Really? We have a full-time career that pays us handsomely! Hobby? Some of our business acquaintances think we sell products door to door! Seriously! We would NEVER do that! Even some of our friends think they know what our business stands for, what it’s all about, how we do it, why we do it and our motives for continuing to enjoy what we do. Many really don’t quite fully understand! And newcomers often have a preconceived idea of what we do and of the impact we have on those who choose to use our products or partner in business with us! Let us enlighten you – please!

To Those Who “Get” What We Do!

If you’re someone who totally “gets what we do” then we congratulate you for taking time and interest to discover who we are and what we’re about, by asking questions, listening to our responses and understanding our passion for what we do. We love that you have an appreciation for our business even if you don’t use our brand of products or are not involved in our business. Your support and encouragement is invaluable! You’re great cheerleaders! Thank you!

What We Don’t Do

We don’t go door to door! We don’t sell people products they don’t want, or coerce them into an undesired home business. We don’t “get other people to sell for us” and neither do we “use our friends and family for our personal gain”! And no! Our business model is not an illegal anything, a get-rich-quick scheme or any other of those things that come with similar stigmas attached!

So What DO We Do?

HealthyFamilies2GSHSimply put, we match up people’s health and wellness wants and needs with natural solutions that produce the desired results. There are two elements to our business.

#1 Direct Sales: We introduce health-oriented people to natural health and home products, manufactured by the #1 Natural Nutrition Company in the U.S. with a 100 year history of nutritional innovation.  We deliver superior service, accurate health information and personal consultations to our clients in order to address their unique and personal health needs. Shaklee products are designed in harmony with nature and good health, proven by science – and they carry a 100% money-back guarantee. Our clients get desired results AND the products are affordable!

Customers order directly from our Brand Partner by phone or online, or if they like to have a personal chat while placing their order, they can call us direct. We love that opportunity to connect with our peeps! They can choose to pay retail prices or join as a member  {kind of like a Costco Membership, but no annual fee} which provides a 15% savings and other special offers exclusive to members … like deeper discounts and savings. There are NO minimums, no quotas and members are free to purchase as infrequently or as often as they choose. Members don’t sell products, they simply buy for their own use and they’re never pressured to become more involved. {BTW: another option for those who may be seeking additional income, there is a distributor option too} 

We Have 4 Basic Product Lines

  • Healthy Nutrition: An extensive nutrition line that includes a full range of natural food supplements and herbal formulas, children’s formulas and pure sports nutrition products.
  • Healthy Weight: A safe, effective, clinically-proven weight loss plan called Shaklee 180. Preserve critical muscle while burning undesirable fat and losing inches.
  • Green Home: Our line of “Get Clean” organic green cleaners are safe for you, your home and the planet, are economical to use and extremely cost effective – and we’re pretty sure they’ll outperform what you’re currently using!
  • Healthy Beauty: We offer a full line of safe, natural personal care products and Enfuselle anti-aging skin care products that boast 7 patents and guarantee younger-looking skin in just 28 days.

#2 Social Marketing: In addition to marketing products, those who are entrepreneurial may recommend the business opportunity to potential individuals, couples, businesses and non-profit organizations. This is a lot like a reverse franchise. When a new business partner enrolls, they join our successful team of business owners and we then teach, train, and coach them to whatever level of success they aspire – and we continue to mentor them for as long as they desire our guidance.

Our Brand Partner Shaklee offers short term monetary incentives, part-time earnings and career income potential, as well as free luxury incentive travel, car payments for those who qualify, and many other benefits both tangible and intangible. We’re rewarded for performance – honest hard work – and our ability to expand Shaklee products and build satellite businesses in the U.S. and global markets.

We LOVE what we do for many reasons, but our PASSION is to help others

We offer families lifestyle changes pertinent to them. We help them create a foundation for better health and {if they so choose} a desirable lifestyle for their family, friends and others they encounter. SO many great options!

We support those who want to take charge of their health with our personalized  nutritional solutions, and for those who appreciate the value of enhancing their lifestyle, we coach and mentor them to the level of success THEY choose.

And those who aren’t receptive? Well it’s no big deal if they say “no” to us – friendship comes first. We understand that our business is not a fit for everyone so we don’t force it on anyone!  Does that make sense? 

Bottom line? WE present solutions to many of life’s problems. YOU decide what’s right for you and your loved ones.

Get Super Healthy …Transforming Lives!