Vitality and Freedom

Vitality and Freedom

What’s it like to feel Fantastic?  To us it’s not ONLY the absence of chronic ailments and disease, it’s so much more! It’s waking up from a restful sleep with a purpose that drives you and excites you. It’s the physical and mental energy to accomplish all you have planned for your day, every day….365 days a year. It’s sustaining that energy all day despite the inevitable stress factors from commuter traffic, deadlines at work, family demands, lack of time, the unexpected side-wipes and the struggle to balance it all! It’s the joy of having time for a meaningful afternoon break with someone you love – just because you can!

vitalityandfreedomHow do we know what it’s like to have no vitality and feel overwhelmed?

After 20 years of military life in the Air Force we retired and entered the Real Estate industry, finding ourselves living a frantic rat race  ….. we didn’t like it! In those days, we were overwhelmed, maxed out and lacked energy! We were overworked, racing against the clock, felt anxious and drained of vitality. As a result our health suffered. It was a challenge to muster enough energy at the end of the day to enjoy the most important things in life like quality time with our family.

That’s not the way most of us want to live, right?

We yearned for a healthier, simpler more balanced lifestyle that would still provide financial security. Does that resonate with you? If so, here’s the good news.  We found a trusted company whose natural products dramatically improved our health and transformed our lives in a way we never dreamed was possible. You can learn more and get to know us by watching this short video where we’re interviewed by Kenn Renner in one of his “Inspiring Influencers” segments.

A Total Lifestyle Turnaround

You’re wondering how anything so simple to do, and so easy to fit into the family budget, could make such a difference to our health and our life?

Well, let’s just say that for us, being total skeptics, it took experiencing the change for ourselves that made us believers! So what did we change? We simply made a switch!

We changed brands to the #1 Natural Nutrition Company in the US. Along with clean eating and greening our home, Shaklee Products made a remarkable and measurable difference in our health – in just 30 days! It’s why we continue to use and recommend these safe, healthy products. Products that produce the consistent, amazing results we have come to expect for more than 30 years. Trusted products that work as promised, save you money and are 100% guaranteed.