Living Life and Loving it!

ChuckAntheaMexprofileDoes anyone really plan to fail in business or fall short of their dreams in life?  Probably not!  We’re no exception.  We definitely didn’t plan or expect failure – not in anything we endeavored. Friends and family describe us as a determined and success-driven couple.

We carefully planned for a great future after a career in the military and anticipated success in every way.  What we had failed to establish was a back-up plan – a Plan B – to prevent disaster should unforeseen circumstances thwart our plans. We got our Real Estate licenses and believed we would generate a great income, while providing more family time.  But alas, we hadn’t anticipated that circumstances beyond our control would sabotage our plans and change the course of our lives forever.

An Unexpected Life Change:  When the Real Estate business tanked in late 1980, we were financially strapped, with no money coming in save for a small military retirement. We felt like total failures. As is so often the case when people are knocked to their knees, we were thrown in an unexpected direction – one we hadn’t sought. We were NOT looking for a home business and certainly not one in the health and wellness industry. But Shaklee found US – and from out of the pit of desperation our success story arose – and the rest is history.

Today We Live Our Dream Lifestyle

 Despite the early challenges, we had a strong purpose, a burning desire to succeed and we believed in ourselves.  Soon our life transformed into a cycle of success and from there to leading a life of purpose while enjoying the lifestyle we love. We believe that good health (thanks to Shaklee Products) along with the means and time to enjoy life, is priceless.  We travel whenever and wherever we wish – and we have the time and freedom to do it. We are devoted to our three children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren and love to visit Anthea’s elderly parents in England twice a year {trip #40 in the last 20 years is coming up}. Having enjoyed these benefits for more than 30 years, we’re not newcomers to this amazing lifestyle.

We want to acknowledge the importance of God and family in our life. We love God and country and our family is everything to us. We totally believe the American Dream is alive and well for those who choose to seize it. This is not just for a few!  Not just for us.  It’s for you too and anyone who seeks a better life.

If you are dreaming of a better life and love the idea of living the lifestyle you imagine, please visit our healthy lifestyle page.

In thinking about our journey from failure to fulfillment, what one nugget of wisdom do we love to share?

“Never let perceived failures deter you from pursuing
your dreams and seeking fulfillment in your life.”