8 Healthy Summer Activities for Kids

Parents! Are You Ready?

The munchkins are out of school and home for the hot days of summer! They’re straining at the bit to go-go-go and do-do-do. It’s making you hot just thinking about all you face to keep them occupied and out of mischief.

A daily nap?
Ummm…no! It’s NOT on their agenda … not even on their horizon! 

Look at those shiny, mischievous faces. What is on their minds? They’re full of vim, vinegar and exuberance, while you {Mom and Dad} wish you had just half of their energy and creativity! Let’s face it, these wonderful youngsters can run circles around you, outlast your patience and stamina … and have fun doing it if you don’t have a smart strategy, and an arsenal of ideas.

You dread those three words … “I am bored!”

They put you into immediate “stress” mode after a busy work day, or if you’re a stay-at-home parent, you may have heard it a thousand times already …and that’s just today! Well maybe only five times, but it seems like five hundred! Your imagination stretches to breaking point as you seek to conjure up new activities to keep your children amused—and out of trouble 🙂 Help on the way! Here are some ideas for you:

8 Healthy Summer Activities for Kids …

Plant a small garden. Herbs, veggies or flowers theme? Dig in the dirt with your kids. Let them see they can grow useful things with their two little hands. Then wash them clean with our favorite organic green cleaner … Basic H2

Make smoothies. Kids love to whip things up in the blender! Allow them to add the fruit, veggies & protein powder {use one of our non-GMO Protein formulas} Concoct a fun green one—to show veggies are  yummy to drink.

Go to the playground. Swings, slides, sandboxes and tunnels are easy active fun for kids. They make friends and so can you, or you can get a few minutes to catch your breath and relax, as they burn off energy!

Bring on the water. Kids love to splash in water! Set up a slippery slide or sprinkler to cool them off. Have them fill up water balloons for a backyard brawl! Take them to the pool for swimming and water sports.

Make sure they also drink lots of pure water … or a healthy hydration drink {our favorite is Performance}

Lemonade stand. Squeeze lemons and construct a lemonade stand for friends. It’s a really fun activity for kids. Sneaky way to teach entrepreneurial skills too! Do it for real … or use play money, or a bartering system.

Encourage active play. Get them AWAY from screen time of computer, iPhone and TV. Hike, ride bikes, read books, play games, have backyard picnics.

Get crafty. Try origami, painting, coloring and allot quiet time for kids to write in their own Summer Holiday journals, complete with a few photos they took.

Fly a kite. Sometimes you want to tell them to fly a kite but seriously, kids should know how, right? It’s SO fun … and keeps them active and getting healthy exercise.

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Happy, Healthy Summer Everyone!

Coming next: Life-Savers for Kids AND Life-Savers for Moms and Dads!

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