180 Body Makeover Offer – Ends January 31st

Wanna get into skinny jeans

Any Size!

Any Weight!

Man or Woman!

Any Age!

180 Will Work

for YOU!


Did you ever hear anyone ever say, “I want to get heavier, flabbier, unhealthier and buy over-sized jeans?” Probably not!  The talk we hear is all about skinny jeans! Annoying maybe, but true! SO, do YOU want to get back into a smaller size? Never had any skinny jeans? If not, would you LOVE to get into some? Here’s the thing, what do YOU want?  So whether you want to shrink one size or 10 sizes. or whether you’re dreaming of wearing your first SKINNY jeans, this is the plan for YOU! 

You CAN 180 Yourself,  do a 180 Turnaround and re-shape your body, once and for all. Like Tasha did! Here’s her Success Story:


You CAN get the healthy, sexy body YOU want
and now is the perfect time!


  • Right now {thru Jan 31, 2014} you get multiple benefits and “freebies”
  • Easy on your finances
  • Healthy for your body
  • Free Membership with 180 Turnaround Pack or Lean & Healthy
  • Potential ongoing free shipping
  • Potential FREE products with 3 month auto-ship offer
  • You’ll LOVE the way you look
  • You won’t believe the energy you’ll have
  • You’ll thank us for the way you’ll FEEL about your 180 body makeover

You can say “NO” to these:

  • NO Expensive Gym Membership
  • NO Embarrassing Classes
  • NO Tasteless Diet Food
  • NO Starving
  • NO Points
  • NO Yo-Yo Dieting

You can say “YES” to these:

  • Take control of your health & fitness
  • Enjoy investing in yourself
  • Drop a clothing size or more
  • Energy to play with your kids
  • Enjoy shopping for clothes
  • Stop the yo-yo diet cycle once and for all
  • Step-by-step plan to achieve a healthy weight
  • Low glycemic eating plan
  • Gluten free products
  • Products that don’t taste like your on a diet
  • Lose inches and keep them off
  • Burn fat, keep muscle
  • Short bursts of exercise that don’t take all day
  • Be a health example to others

NOW, Say “Hello” to SUCCESS with

the 180 Turnaround Kit

plus applicable tax and shipping

The Turnaround Kit includes:

  • Two healthy meals a day, Energizing Tea, and healthy snacks, in your choice of flavors PLUS Metabolic Boost* (one-month supply). Each delicious Smoothee costs less than $3.00.†
  • Free personalized support, Shaklee 180 online tools, and Shaklee 180 Mobile App ($11.95/ month value)
  • Free Shaklee 180 Workouts ($19.95/month value)
  • Free: First order will arrive within 3 business days ($23.64 value)
  • Qualification for FREE products through ‘3 for Free’ when you sign-up for AutoShip. ‡
  • PLUS FREE SHAKLEE MEMBERSHIP – saving you 15% on all Shaklee purchases ($19.95 value) §
  • Click here for complete details and read “Features” section!

You’re Invited to Join Us in a Turnaround!

Special Offer thru January 31st 2014

When you join with AutoShip and keep your Shaklee 180™ product Kit* on AutoShip:

How it works:

And then you are eligible for:

  • Up to $20 in free shipping for every consecutive month your Shaklee 180® Kit is maintained on AutoShip, including your join month.
  • After three consecutive months, a $100 Shaklee product credit when you join with and maintain a Turnaround Kit™ {or a $50 Shaklee product credit when they join with and maintain a Lean and Healthy Kit or any combination of Shaklee 180® product Kits.} After three months, up to $20 in free shipping for every consecutive month a Shaklee 180® Kit is maintained on AutoShip, through the remainder of 2014.
  • Product credit cannot be applied to the purchase of Shaklee 180® products or product Kits.

 More Body Makeover Success Stories
Click Here

Is It Time for Your Body Makeover?

Your Story is Waiting to Be Written!

Start Today!

It’s Quite Possibly the LAST Weight Loss Plan You’ll Ever Need!


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