10 Weekend Diet Tips to Dip the Scale

It just isn’t fair!!? You’re able to stay the course all week and be so “good” on your diet … until the weekend comes … and then what happens? All too often you lose focus and fall off the healthy weight wagon. You have no predetermined weekend strategy and give yourself permission to get off the straight and narrow. It’s entirely possible in a 2-day weekend to sabotage success from the other 5 days, causing frustration when the scale swings right back on Monday morning to where it was the week before.  You  wonder what is with that anyway?

You say to yourself “I was so good all week!” Hmmmm! Your inner voice chides back at you. “Yes but you were so “bad” all weekend!” Yikes, there’s no denying that one! BUSTED!!!

Or you complain “This diet doesn’t work!” Hmmmm! “Your inner voice answers “Really?  Who are you trying to kid!  YOU didn’t make it work – you didn’t follow the plan!”

So you get the picture. Awareness is important!  Know that the 1 – 2 pounds you lost during the week, can be easily found in a 2-day weekend if you let your guard down. Sometimes, it’s the “good” and “bad” syndrome that takes over. “I was SO good all week and I deserve a reward”. So you eat you something “bad” that is loaded with calories and fat.  And you don’t do it just once!  You do it all weekend.

STOP IT! That’s self destructive and self-defeating! Instead, plan your weekend strategy just like you plan for the weekdays. It might be a little different plan, but you must be aware of weekend pitfalls and plan to avoid them or you’ll never get ahead!Here’s what you need to help:

Here are ten tips to help you weekend-proof your diet:

1. Eat like it’s a weekday: Ignore the weekend mindset of being out of routine. Instead, plan your regimen as if it IS a weekday, even though you know the schedule is different.

2. Plan and prepare ahead:  Prepare mentally to stay on track. Plan your food choices. KNOW ahead of time what you are going to eat. Make sure the refrigerator is filled with chopped veggies, protein snacks, fruit and have other healthy snack foods on hand.

3. Carry a back-up snack: ALWAYS put one or two healthy snacks in your car or purse, so that no matter how your plans may shift you don’t find yourself ravenous while you’re out and about, so you dive into the wrong food.  That’s courting danger, it’s so easy to grab high-calorie, non-nutritious fast food. Take a Shaklee Snack Bar or Meal Bar, or a small snack bag of nuts, or an apple and string cheese.

4. Don’t skip and starve : Never skip meals and snacks so you can hoard your calories for one big meal!  That’s deadly! Your metabolism doesn’t like it. It won’t burn calories. Instead it’ll hoard them as fat for later and then when you eat all that other food in one sitting, you don’t gain anything that helps you – you just gain more weight!! Stay on regular routine with meals and snack portions. No starving and gorging!

5. Stay hydrated: Many times when you’re enjoying a busy weekend you forget to drink. Carry plenty of water when you go out, and stop and drink your water at regular intervals when at home. Sometimes when you think you’re hungry, you’re NOT – you’re really THIRSTY!

6. Bite it and write it: If it goes in your mouth, write it down in your journal.  That includes DRINKS! Be truthful with yourself – no cheating. AND no getting a break from your journal just because it’s the weekend. DO IT!

7. Get out and move! Ramp it up a bit on Saturday. Make your errands count for extra activities.  Mow the lawn early in the morning! Give the house an extra vacuum! {Hey EVERY step you take burns more calories}. Park further from the grocery store and shopping locations, so you have to walk more steps. Plan a fun sports activity with the family or friends. Get out of the house and off the couch. NO spectator sports please. Get in the game! Create your own!

8. Break the good-bad cycle: You’re “good” all week and then you’re “bad” on weekends. It’s like treading water instead of swimming – it doesn’t get you anywhere. STOP IT! Use self-talk to train yourself that Saturday and Sunday are just like any other day of the week.

9. Stop Saturday UrgeEnjoy Sunday Splurge: Caution on Saturday night outings. Avoid alcoholic drinks and appetizers before dinner.  Stay the course on Saturday.  Then allow a small splurge on Sunday. NOT all day!  Maybe enjoy family Sunday dinner and have a small dessert! Savor every bite.

 10. Be mindful of Monday: be aware that you will weigh on Monday morning and let that be a deterrent to overeating on Sunday! Envision the scale showing a lower number – one that get’s you that much closer to your weight and inches goal!

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