10 Real Reasons to Choose Shaklee Supplements

What is your attitude towards nutrition and good health, and in particular, what are your thoughts on supplementation?

What you think DOES matter! You see everything first BEGINS with a thought. You are guided by your thinking!

Are you of the mindset that you don’t need to exercise and eat healthy to BE healthy? Do you think the activity you choose and the quality of foods you consume determine your health? 

Is your attitude about food supplements dismissive? Are you thinking “What difference does it make what brand I use?” 

At GSH, we wholeheartedly believe optimal health depends on the quality of food you eat on a daily basis. And YES, the quality of supplements you choose makes a difference too. 

The brand DOES matter. All supplements are NOT created equal. Imagine this … many brands don’t care about scientific studies. They don’t PROVE their products are safe and effective! They leave it to chance! They expect YOU to do the research. Hmm!

OUR brand partner cares a whole lot!

With hundreds of competing brands there is mass confusion when it comes to selecting a supplement!  False advertising abounds! Promises are overstated while results go undelivered.  Inferior raw materials may be used. What’s on the label may not be in the actual bottle. There are hundreds of supplements out there … how do you pick a quality brand that truly delivers the results you deserve?

Here are 10 Real Reasons to Choose Shaklee

1. Shaklee’s Health Sciences researchers establish that there is a real need for a particular combination of nutrients. They do NOT simply react to faddy trends in the nutrition world.

2. Shaklee’s Product Development staff develop a stable, balanced formula reflecting the requirements identified by the health scientists. (They do NOT just make formulas with more of ingredient “X” than the competition.)

3. Raw ingredients are selected for each product using these criteria:

• They are from natural sources wherever possible (natural materials often contain other related beneficial compounds along with a particular nutrient).

• They must meet rigorous Shaklee quality standards for purity, potency and identity before being used in a batch of the product

4. No artificial sweeteners, flavors or colors are added.

5. No preservatives are added.

6. Packaging materials are carefully selected and tested to give proper protection of the product throughout its shelf life. The shelf life is determined using scientific stability studies.

7. Products are made to pharmaceutical standards using Good Manufacturing Practices and employ controlled temperatures, pressures, humidity, etc., so that no loss of the product’s nutrients or damage to naturally occurring enzymes will take place during manufacturing and packaging.

8. Every batch of product is subjected to Quality Control tests to ensure full compliance with Shaklee’s finished product specifications.

9. Many products, in the research and development stage, are subjected to clinical studies with human volunteers to demonstrate that the dosage forms are effective in delivering the nutrients to the body. Many of these studies have been published in peer-reviewed scientific journals.

10. Full technical information about Shaklee products is made available to customers on request, e.g., ingredient listings, nutritional profiles, etc.

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